Voice Actors

Ai Maeda - Kino

"Ai Maeda first appeared in a McDonald's TV commercial back in 1993. She is a talented actress, who has also appeared in various TV shows and movies."
Birthday: October 4, 1983
Birthplace: Tokyo.
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Swimming, watching movies and playing piano.
Debut: 1993 McDonalds' TV commercial.
Hamidashi Keiji Jonetsukei series (ABN)
Toilet no Hanako-san (Shochiku;1995)
Shinsei Toilet no Hanako-san (Toei; 1998)
Yokai Shinbun (CX Mokuyo no Kaidan ’97; 1997)
Gamera 3 (Daiei; 1999)
Tsunohazu nite (TV Tokyo 35th Anniversary;1999)
Gifu no iru Fukei (TBS; 2000)


Ryuji Aigase

"Ryuji Aigase has appeared in the TV drama Hojo Tokimune, the musical version of The Lion King, and anime movies such as Spriggan."

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