Kino no Tabi is a very different anime series in the way that each episode has different meanings. The basic theme of this series is of a traveller passing through a variety of lands with his companion, a motorbike named Hermes with the ability to talk verbally. That last part may seem strange but after you see some of the lands you start to realise why that may not be so strange at all when it comes to the world of Kino no Tabi. Kino is the traveller who meets many people and visits many lands, all of which have very different ways of day-to-day living. Only stopping in each place for a maximum of three days, Kino is always on the move and does not pass judgement on any of them, instead that is left to the viewer to decide how they feel about each land. What will you see in the land of Kino, and what will you think of each land and the people who reside in the world?
Basically this is a very philosophical and artistic series which challenges you to take a look at the world and people around us, or even ourself.

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This is the story of a young traveler named Kino and Kino's partner, the talking motorcycle Hermes. They travel to various places together, visiting such worlds as "the world of caring" and "the world of decisions by majority." They stay at each of these locations for only three days, and throughout the story, their point of view is consistently that of bystanders. The experiences that people have encountering Kino and Hermes during their travels may not seem very sensational to their ordinary everyday lives, but in reality, they can come to have a tremendous impact.

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