Character - Kino

Kino is the main character for this series and is merely a traveller passing over the world with the help of Hermes. By staying in each land for only three days, Kino is assured that no attatchment is made and that the role of a traveller can be continued, it also reassures the fact that Kino is not there in each land to pass judgement or conclude anything, Kino is merely passing through. Even if the duo wished to stay in a land they meet, they would not, for then they would not be able to see more lands. No matter the situation, Kino remains calm and is a very quiet and seemingly mysterious person of which we do not hear much from in the way of opinion or thought, perhaps reinforcing the fact that it is only what the viewer wishes to believe or say of each land that matters and that Kino's first priority is only to *see* the world, nothing more. Even so, Kino can make an impact on a person or place and this level of impact also varies.

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