"Kino’s Journey" is a novel series written by Keiichi Sigsawa and published by Dengeki Bunko. The story follows the unique travels of a young adventurer named Kino as well as Kino's traveling companion, a talking motorcycle named Hermes. Together, they visit many different places throughout their adventures and meet many different people. They spend three days at each location they visit before heading out to their next destination. Everyone they encounter during their journey is somewhat compassionate and very admirable.

Note: This is a novel series not a manga/graphic novel series, in Japanese. So there are few illustrations, if you are mainly interested in just the illustration work I suggest purchasing the artbooks instead (see Collectibles)

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Kino's Journey Volume 1

Released 7/10/2000

Prologue In the Forest (b)
Episode 1 The Land where People Understand the Pain of Others
Episode 2 The Land of Majority Decision
Episode 3 The Three Men on the Rails
Episode 4 The Colosseum
Episode 5 The Land of Adults
Episode 6 The Land of Peace
Epilogue In the Forest (a)

Kino's Journey Volume 2

Released 10/10/2000

Frontispiece The Sniper's Tale
Prologue Middle of In the the Desert (b)
Episode 1 The Man-Eater's Tale
Episode 2 Overprotectiveness
Episode 3 The Land of the Magic Users
Episode 4 The Land of the Free Press
Episode 5 The Picture's Tale
Episode 6 The Homecoming
Episode 7 The Land of Books
Episode 8 The Land of Kindness
Epilogue In the Middle of the Desert (a)
Anecdote The Picture's Tale (Continued)

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Kino's Journey Volume 3

Released 01/10/2001

Frontispiece The Land of Love and Peace
Prologue In the Clouds (b)
Episode 1 The Land Without Walls
Episode 2 The Power of Persuasion
Episode 3 The Land of the Same Faces
Episode 4 The Mechanical Puppet's Tale
Episode 5 The Land that Wouldn't Allow Discrimination
Episode 6 The Over-and-Done-With Tale
Epilogue In the Clouds (a)

Kino's Journey Volume 4

Released 7/10/2001

Prologue In the Middle of the Red Sea (b)
Episode 1 The Land of Statues
Episode 2 xxxxx
Episode 3 The Land for the Two of Them
Episode 4 Tradition
Episode 5 The Land where People Don't Need to Work
Episode 6 The Divided Land
Episode 7 Grapes
Episode 8 The Accepting Land
Episode 9 The Bloodsuckers' Tale
Episode 10 The Land of Bridges
Episode 11 The Land of Towers
Epilogue In the Middle of the Red Sea (a)

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Kino's Journey Volume 5

Released 7/10/2001

Prologue In the Evening Sun (b)
Episode 1 What Happened That Time
Episode 2 The Land where People Can Murder
Episode 3 The Shop's Tale
Episode 4 The Land of Heroes - No Hero
Episode 5 The Land of Heroes - Seven Heroes
Episode 6 The Calm Land
Episode 7 The Land of Prophesy
Episode 8 The Hired Gun
Episode 9 The Salt Plains' Tale
Episode 10 The Land of Sickness
Epilogue In the Evening Sun (a)

Kino's Journey Volume 6

Released 1/10/2002

Frontispiece The Land of No Entrance
The Neutral Tale
The Tank's Tale
Prologue The Vow (b)
Episode 1 Her Journey - Chances
Episode 2 Her Journey - Love and Bullets
Episode 3 The Land of Fireworks
Episode 4 The Land where a Chief Lives
Episode 5 The Unforgettable Land
Episode 6 The Safe Land
Episode 7 During the Journey
Episode 8 What Was Supposed to be a Benediction
Epilogue The Vow (a)


All-new Kino’s Journey
Author: Keiichi Sigsawa
Illustration: Kouhaku Kuroboshi
Info: All colour, 32 pages

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