Adopt a Kino

So you want to look after Kino? Well you can here!

Rules (Don't worry there's not many!)

1) Fill in all of the short form so I know where these are going and I can add you to the list with a link to your site
2) You must link the image to
3) Do not direct-link, you must save the image to your own server.
4) The sprite is for adoption purposes only (no re-distribution onto other adoption places please)

Other things to note

Even if the character has been adopted by another person you can still adopt it

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Adoption Guide

Step 1: Fill in this short form and send it off to me (or email me if it doesn't work, replace AT with @ and no spaces):

Step 3: Save the character image (bottom of page) to your own server and add it to your page using this code, replace the capital letters text with the appropriate information of which it is stating:

If you know HTML then basically be sure to link the image to me ( ) and I suggest (as in this is optional) putting Alt text saying the character and what series it is from (so people know who it is and it acts as support publicity for the series). Thanks!

That's it! Easy


Kino from Kino's Journey [by Sai]

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